EasyHour for Coworkings

Did you know that EasyHour can also be used by coworkings?

How does that work?

Setting up EasyHour for your coworking is super easy:

  • Sign-up using the company registration form.
  • Enroll as a coworking by sending an e-mail to coworking@easyhour.app.
  • Log-in and configure your spaces: offices, desks, contact links and prices.
  • That's it! Your coworking is now listed and your desks can be booked using EasyHour app.
  • Also want to collect payments during bookings? We've got you covered: just enter your Stripe account information and you're done!

What should my customers know?

In the e-mail confirmation you'll receive a link and a QR Code that your customers can use to book your desks directly (i.e. without searching your coworking on the map). Users will just need to get the EasyHour app or register on the Web site and they're good to go.

Can my customers pay using EasyHour?

Yes, you can set the price for each desk for full days, half days or hours. EasyHour will take care of the credit card payment during the booking process and you'll receive the money right away.

What happens when I get a new booking?

You get a confirmation e-mail to warn you about the new booking. You can also receive push notifications on your phone as well as aggregated daily reports with all your reservations.

How can I see my bookings?

Using EasyHour app or the Web site you can see all reservations as well as export data in Excel format for further refinement.

What about the price?

Get in touch for a demo and to know more about our prices.