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EasyHour is the fast, intuitive and predictive software solution focused on an effective management of smart working and the reconciliation of life and work times.

Organizing and monitoring your work with EasyHour will be easier.

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Smart working

Our software increases organizational flexibility by facilitating the coordination of the team, both locally and remotely in compliance with current legislation in terms of agile work.

Easy data entry

Just two easy steps and you'll be able to log worked hours and manage orders. An integrated timer will support you measuring the time spent and achieving an optimal workflow.


One app to improve job life

Thanks to advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms it speeds up the process of finalizing work activities and improves over time by continuously analyzing the information entered by users.


Why choose EasyHour


Analyze the needs of the team

EasyHour is capable of studying the needs of the team, thanks to its predictive algorithms, customizing its use and making the work more streamlined. Artificial intelligence provides constant feedback on the state of ongoing projects and activities.

Seamless integration with existing company software

EasyHour can be purchased in SaaS cloud mode or "On Premise", with advanced customization options and tightly integrated into your company software and workflows, empowering it with added value.

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Desks Reservation

You just need shared desks booking? We've got you covered, for just
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And if you pay one year in advance, two months are free.

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We designed and developed EasyHour from the ground up: should you need a custom integration with your existing infrastructure we can do it.

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