EasyHour for companies

EasyHour is a complete HR software for your company

EasyHour is a timesheet that aggregates all the information you need to manage and optimize your time and your employees' time:

  • Worked time by client/project/task
  • Request for vacation and permits with approval workflow
  • Request for smart working
  • Shared desks booking and reservation of meeting rooms and parking lots
  • Business trips management and expense reports
  • Time reports for payroll office or clients

How can EasyHour help my employees?

Employees can:

  • log time on tasks assigned to them
  • use a timer to track the time they spend on each task
  • understand where and how they spend they're working time
  • easily ask for vacation and work permits
  • easily communicate sickness
  • easily collect receipts and invoices during business trips

How can EasyHour help my managers?

Managers can:

  • manage the approval workflow for vacation, work permits and smart working
  • view time reports aggregated by client, project, task or employee
  • view historical reports with office presence and employee availability 

What if my company wants to adopt a hybrid remote/office model?

EasyHour is your silver bullet, with our tool you can:

  • easily manage approval workflow of smart working requests
  • configure your shared spaces: offices, desks, meeting rooms, parking lots
  • easily make a reservation directly from your smartphone or PC

Who can get the most out of EasyHour?

  • Business consultants
  • Startups
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Coworkings
  • Everyone in need of measuring company performance

Can EasyHour integrate with my existing software?

EasyHour comes with a lot of integrations available out of the box, including:

  • exporting data for your payroll software (Zucchetti, TeamSystem, FattureInCloud, etc.)
  • APIs for reports
  • Login with Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure (Office365)

If you need more flexibility, get in touch for a quote.

What about the pricing?

See our pricing table in the home page.